Today, Power Custom mainly specializes in marketing custom Fixtures and accessories for gunsmiths and serious competitors. Power Custom is also a Law enforcement Ruger distributor.

Power Custom is a family run and operated business. You will get personal service no matter how big they are. They keep business very simple. The Customer is Number 1. All of Power Custom parts are fully guaranteed to work.

Ron Power and Randall Power are Life members National Rifle Association

Varmint Extreme is proud to be an
Authorized Dealer for Power Custom, Inc. products.

+ 10/22 22LR Parts (more)
Power Custom 10-22 Accessories

Varmint Extreme Custom Rifles and Accessories
Steve Davenport
FFL License #9-93-041-01-0J-00532
531 Ojalla Rd, Siletz, Oregon 97380
541- 420-2314 Fax 541-444-2148

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