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Volquartsen Fusion Take Down Rifles
Volquartsen Fusion Take Down Rifles
Volquartsen Fusion Take Down Rifles

.22 WMR & .17 HMR, Interchangeable Calibers  
It's time to experience ... FUSION ... unquestionably one of the most innovative and versatile rifles ever conceived.

The Volquartsen Fusion is the first semi-auto rimfire rifle with quick-change barrels in two calibers. That unique feature allows easy interchangeability between hard hitting .22 WMR and super fast and uncannily accurate .17 HMR. When we say "easy" we really mean it. It takes only seconds and requires no tools to switch the barrels and, just that quickly, change calibers. This ingenius design also allows the rifle to be broken down quickly and easily for compact storage.

The Fusion's interchangeability is not its only ahead-of-the-art feature. Just a first glance tells you this rifle is truly different and that it's specifically designed for function and practicality. It is, for all intents and purposes, a real "working rifle", with thoughtful features that include:

A Picatinny rail machined into the top of the receiver along with an additional accessory rail mounted to the bottom of the barrel shroud. There's not a magnum rimfire rifle in the world that makes it so easy to mount and interchange scopes, optical sights, tactical lights, and other accessories.

The barrel shroud is also drilled and tapped to accept a standard swivel stud to accept both a sling and a bipod.

Like all Volquartsen rifles, the Fusion is quality manufactured in our own shop, and all key components including the trigger guard, receiver and bolt are CNC machined to exacting tolerances.

Interested in a real, working rimfire rifle in two high performance magnum calibers? One that will dependably and efficiently perform any of several important jobs that are really best suited to a rimfire? Maybe you're ready for ... FUSION.

Hard anodized alloy, machined to accept 9-shot rotary magazine
Barrel length
18.375" length including compensator
TG2000 trigger group equipped with approximately 2.75 lb. trigger pull, adjustable for overtravel and pretravel
Approximately 6.5 lbs
Available with either .17 HMR barrel or .22 WMR barrel or with both barrels (single-caliber or multi-calbers)
Volquartsen will be offering this same model with interchangeable .22 LR and .17 HM2 barrels in the near future.

Please Note:
All serial numbered items must be shipped to an FFL dealer.
A $18.00 minimum handling charge will be added for each firearm ordered. 
For returned items, there is a 25% restocking fee.

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Fusion Semi-Auto w/ 17 HMR & 22 WMR Barrels (more)

$2,089.00 Qty:   

Fusion 17 HMR Semi-Auto Rifle (more)

$1,845.00 Qty:   

Fusion 22 WMR Semi-Auto Rifle (more)

$1,845.00 Qty:   

Fusion 17 HMR Barrel Only (more)

$309.00 Qty:   

Fusion 22 WMR Barrel Only (more)

$309.00 Qty:   

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