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Each of our Precision Benchrest models feature 56mm multi-coated lenses, providing the superior resolution necessary to distinguish fine detail at extremely long ranges. An adjustable objective allows extra-fine focus to adjust parallax from 25 yards to infinity. Target turrets are calibrated in true .125 M.O.A. (1/8 click) values and can be re-indexed to zero after sighting in. Both Precision Benchrest riflescopes are equipped with a coil spring plunger return system to maximize tracking accuracy. The eyepiece provides fast reticle focusing, and a glass-etched illuminated reticle provides optimum image/reticle contrast under virtually any lighting conditions. You have two choices of magnification ranges, but only one choice in the ultimate benchrest riflescope.

Focal Plane: Second
Magnification Range: 12-42x
Objective lens diameter: 56mm
Tube diameter: 30 mm/1.18 in
Internal adjustment range (MOA/Mil): e: 40 MOA | w: 40 MOA | e: 10.9 Mil | w: 10.9 Mil
Click value: .125 MOA
Calibrated Ranging Power: 22x
Parallax adjustment: 25 yd–∞
Exit pupil diameter: 12x: 4 mm | 42x: 1.4 mm
Eye relief: 75 mm/2.9 in
Field of view @100 yards/100 meters: 12x: 6.7 ft | 42x: 2.3 ft | 12x: 2 m | 42x: 0.7 m
Objective outer diameter: 69 mm
Eyepiece outer diameter: 43 mm
Overall length (inches/mm): 17 in/432 mm
Weight (ounces/grams): 36 oz/1021g
Mounting length (inches/mm): 5.9 in/150 mm
Front/Rear Mounting Length: 2.45 in/2.10
PTL (Power Throw Lever): N/A
Reticles available: NP-R2™ | NP-2DD™
Illumination: Analog
Elevation Feature: Capped, Finger Adjustable


Download Reticles:

NP – R2

MOA – NP – 2DD

Additional information

Reticle Options

C104 – NF – 12-42x56mm – .125 MOA – NP-R2, C107 – NF – 12-42x56mm – .125 MOA – NP-2DD


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