Evolution .223 ( w/ I Fluting Blow Forward Comp Laminated Sporter Stock)

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By Volquartsen Custom
Item No: VC23EV-B
Weight 10 lbs

Introducing … the Volquartsen Evolution, our very first semi-auto, tack driving centerfire rifle. It’s a logical next step in our growth and a worthy addition to our line of world class custom firearms.

Like all Volquartsen custom firearms, we designed and manufacture the Evolution right by using our own CNC-machined stainless steel receivers, trigger guard, bolt and other exclusive precision parts as well as our own custom-rifled barrels. In time-tested .223 caliber or hot new .204 Ruger, Evolution is a gas-operated powerhouse that’s equally at home on a bench at your favorite range, or on the hunt for western prairie dogs, eastern woodchucks, or all-too universal coyotes. With an Evolution equipped with virtually any AR-15 magazine, you’re ready to start making a statement with headshots or x-rings at any distance.

Want to see what real centerfire performance is all about? Look for an Evolution at your local gun shop or shooting range. They’ll be everywhere soon.

.Price does not include include scope

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